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CAYMON FC110B 19 flightcase - 10HE - 507mm  depth Black version

CAYMON FC110/B 19" flightcase - 10HE - 507mm depth Black version

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"The FC110 is a 10 unit professional double cover flightcase compliant to the ANSI/EIA RS-310D, DIN41491 and IEC60297 standards for 19” equipment installation. The construction is made out of high quality 9 mm plywood covered by a ProShield™ top layer, offering&nbspoptimal protection for your equipment. Both front and back lids are detachable, allowing instant access to both controls and connections of your equipment. Mounting of the equipment can be done using the perforated rack rail with punched square holes for use with snap-in cage nuts, while the dual structure allows installation of horizontal supports for heavy equipment. Superior durability and handling convenience is guaranteed through Penn-Elcom® hardware such as heavy-duty ball corners, rivet protected recessed flip handles and MOL™ type butterfly latches. <img src="""" /> <img src="""" />"

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